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You should never hear complaints about your vending – broken machines, dirty machines, or empty machines. You should never have to even think about vending.  At Triple ‘S’ we are committed to providing you with the best experience possible: Superior Service, Simplified. We offer healthy choices while stocking the most desired products in clean, modern, well maintained machines using the latest technology to get real?time inventory status. We believe that we grow our business by treating our customers with sincerity, honesty in the most straight forward manner. It’s what we mean by Superior Service, Simplified.


Imagine providing your employees with a wide assortment of fresh food, healthy choices and snacks on?site. Imagine a state?of?the?art, 24?hour self?service micromart that gives your employees a wide range of choices without them having to leave their workplace. At Triple ‘S’ we’ve imagined it for you with our revolutionary SnapMarket.


We believe in healthier choices for our customers. No longer is a customer boxed into a series of selections without a healthy alternative. Excellent nutrition choices are always available in both our traditional vending installations and in our newly innovative and selection expanded Snap Markets.

We know your day is filled with Challenges but we don’t think managing your vending service should be one of them! See our Vending programs customized to reflect your Companies Priorities and Culture!

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