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Built upon the merits of providing customers with Superior product selection, personalized Service and Simplified technology, Triple ‘S’ Services was founded in 1984 by Steven S. Steck.  With hard work and dedication to our customers, Triple ‘S’ Services has grown and has since continued their family legacy as the top provider of vending services for the Chicagoland area.

With Triple ‘S’ Services, Inc., every one of our customers can expect the highest level of service. Triple ‘S’ Services offers a full?line of vending, micro marts, office coffee, and bottled water options to Personalize each location’s Service.  We offer both subsidized & standard vending programs. Offering Superior cutting-edged vending technology, Triple ‘S’ Services supplies Energy Star rated machines that are outfitted with cash and card readers, bill and coin acceptors, telemetry devices, and Mobile payment options, to Simplify the user experience. Triple ‘S’ boasts a full fleet of trucks, route drivers, and office personal to take care of customer requirements. We are happily servicing customers within a 35 mile radius from our Naperville location. We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for service calls.

With the aid of Cantaloupe’s  Telemetry wireless remote devices, our service team can easily track your product supplies and sales, ensuring that your Location’s equipment will always remain fully-stocked with the most popular name brand selections!

With our On-Line ordering portal, you can quickly and easily place an order or view previous orders and invoices. New orders can start fresh or copy your previous order and make changes.

Triple ‘S’ Services, Inc. has taken customer care to the next Level! We now use a Mobile App and a dedicated website for you to connect with our Customer Services team at any time!  Our mobile site becomes a friendly way to communicate with our Customer Care team! Try it for yourself @

Triple ‘S’ Services understands to gain Success, we need to respond quickly to Customer’s needs and pay attention to the details as we deliver Excellence to our clients!

To find out more, contact or 630-978-2010 Ext. 800


Q. How often do you come out and restock our vending machines?
A. We have a state of the art Telemetry system that signals us to service the machines when they get low on product. Please call for detailed information.

Q. What happens if one of our machines breaks down after your office is closed?
A. We provide 24?hour service, seven days a week. Call (630) 327?4192.

Q. If someone loses money in the machine, how do they get reimbursed?
A. We provide a refund bank for you to use. Contact or 630-978-2010 x 800

Q. When will I receive my office coffee order?
A. Please allow 48 hours. If your order is received before 2 PM our goal is to have it to you the next day.

Q. How do I submit my order?
A. You can order online, fax, email, or call us at (630) 978?2010 x800.

Q. Do you charge a delivery fee?
A. There is a minimum order of $50 or a delivery fee will be accessed.

Q. Do you charge rent on the coffee equipment?
A. We do not charge rent on our coffee brewers.

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