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Whether you are ordering premium coffee or breakroom supplies, Triple ‘S’ office coffee and water service give you all the options you need. We offer many choices of office coffee and a variety of gourmet brands.

  • Equipment provided at no cost to you
  • Multiple systems to choose from
  • Next-day delivery
  • Vast selection of coffee, condiments, supplies, and paperware
  • Simplified online ordering system, in addition to fax or email orders


  • Pour Over Brew Systems
  • Water Line Brew Systems
  • RealCup K-Cup System
  • Liquid concentrate system

Your Total Beverage Solution

Triple ‘S’ Services is your total beverage solution. We deliver bottled water throughout the Chicagoland area. Our water delivery options mean you’ll have crisp, clean water brought right to your office as often as you need it. Water is available in five-gallon bottles or 20 oz bottles.

We also offer water coolers for sale or rent, including Point of Use and 5-gallon bottle dispensers. These coolers conveniently dispense water that’s just the right temperature for whatever you need, from a refreshing glass of ice water to a soothing mug of hot tea.


We use a fully integrated online ordering system that provides a hassle-free way to order and restock your office coffee supplies quickly. Your account information is easily accessible within a secure setting. This system allows you to place, change, and review orders for your business, as well as satellite establishments linked to your account.

The system remembers your previous order history and offers a Standard Order option to eliminate the guesswork. You can also browse our catalog of products and simply click to reorder. You have access to every product Triple ‘S’ carries and special-order items!


Orders must be received by 2 PM for next day delivery
Minimum order is $50
Orders under $50 will incur a delivery fee equal to the amount to bring the order up to $50

For example if your order totals $43, your delivery fee would be $7 to bring the total to $50.

Regular Coffee Brands

  • Folgers Regular (.9 oz.)
  • Folgers Decaf (.9 oz.)
  • Maxwell House Master Blend (1.1 oz.)
  • Maxwell House Decaf (1.25 oz.)
  • Starbucks Breakfast Blend (2.5 oz.)
  • Starbucks French Roast (2.5 oz)

Specialty Coffees

  • DE Hazelnut Angelica (2.25 oz.)
  • DE Classic Blend (1.50 oz.)
  • DE Red Ribbon (1.50 oz.)
  • DE 100% Colombian (1.50 oz.)
  • DE Royal Kona Blend (1.5oz)


  • Coffee-mate Liquid Creamer (.38 oz.)
  • Coffee-mate Amaretto Liquid Creamer (.38 oz.)
  • Coffee-mate French Vanilla Liquid Creamer (.38oz.)
  • Coffee-mate Hazelnut Liquid Creamer (.38oz)
  • Coffee-mate Irish Cream Liquid Creamer (.38)
  • Cream Canister (12 oz.)
  • Cream Canister Case
  • Cream Packets
  • Flavored Creamers (15 oz.) Flavors: French Vanilla & Hazelnut
  • Flavored Creamer Case (15oz) Flavors: French Vanilla & Hazelnut


  • Equal
  • Splenda (box)
  • Sugar Canister (20 oz.)
  • Sugar Packets
  • Sweet ‘N Low

Hot Drinks and Teas

  • Bigelow Flavored Teas
  • Lipton Tea Bags Regular
  • Lipton Tea Bags Decaf
  • Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Regular
  • Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate w/ Marshmallows


  • Individual Pepper Packets
  • Individual Salt Packets
  • Individual Ketchup Packets
  • Individual Mustard Packets
  • Individual Mayonnaise Packets
  • Individual Relish Packets
  • Individual Taco Sauce

Cups and Lids

  • Cups, Cone Water Cups
  • Cups, Flat Water Cups
  • Cups, Paper (8.25 oz.) (sleeve)
  • Cups, Paper (8.25 oz.) (case)
  • Cups, Paper (12 oz.) (sleeve)
  • Cups, Paper (12 oz.) (case)
  • Cups, Styrofoam (8 oz.)
  • Cups, Styrofoam (12 oz.)
  • Lids (Sip Lids), Styrofoam Cup (8 oz.)
  • Lids (Sip Lids), Styrofoam Cup (12 oz.)


  • Bulk Forks – Loose (Med. Wt.)
  • Bulk Forks – Wrapped (Med. Wt.)
  • Bulk Knives – Loose (Med. Wt.)
  • Bulk Knives – Wrapped (Med. Wt.)
  • Bulk Spoons – Loose (Med. Wt.)
  • Bulk Spoons – Wrapped (Med Wt.)
  • Bulk Spork – Wrapped (Med Wt.)


  • Plates, Paper (6”)
  • Plates, Paper (9”)

Miscellaneous Items

  • Coffee Carafe (Regular or Decaf)
  • Coffee Pot Liquid Cleaner (12 oz.)
  • Curved Coffee Brush
  • Extra Filters
  • Napkins, Luncheon
  • Napkins, Tall Fold
  • Paper Towels (roll)
  • Paper Towels (case)
  • Stir Stix
  • Toilet Paper (roll)
  • Toilet Paper (case)

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